We all know how expensive office space is these days.............
So why waste your valuable space just to store paper files many of which just gather dust and prove very difficult to locate that's if they ever need to be viewed again?
The solution is here, Scan2PASS is just as comfortable dealing with academic or HR records as it is holding financial records. Better still, to employ Scan2PASS on your school records will have little impact on the cost of the system because the school has already purchased the core system software. Scan2PASS has many features e.g. "Migration" - which can automatically keep a track of the dates that records should be legally deleted. It is also possible using "Briefcase" to make a subset of files relating to e.g. an individual pupil so that they can be passed to a new school if the family is moving home. In fact there are so many benefits that once the system is up and running you'll wonder how the school ever managed without it !


.............. and more



Throughout school there are a multitude of administrative problem areas that Scan2PASS can help to resolve, anywhere that records are kept, whether they are paper records or electronic records including email, Microsoft Word, Excel etc. then these records can be added into a record or "case file" within Scan2PASS. Access can be then be restricted and secured down to document level so only staff who have been granted the correct privileges will be able to gain access to view a record. Imagine no more filing, no more lost files. Scan2PASS works for you and with you to bring efficiencies to your school.