Scan2PASS handles all documents as electronic images, the passFINANCE application is all about efficient invoice management, whilst most supplier invoices probably arrive in school as paper originals, we are seeing a growth in invoices being delivered electronically as an attachment to an email. When this happens there is no need to print and scan the invoice, the system facilitates simple uploading of the attachment entering them into the indexing queue in a similar way to a paper invoice after it has been scanned.

When scanning paper documents we recommend the use of a small desktop scanner that provides the operator with a simple GUI for reviewing image quality, reordering and rescanning images and capturing images in a number of different formats including fully searchable PDF by the use of the included OCR functionality.

We therefore have a preference for Panasonic scanners and have shown a small sample of low cost robust devices in our gallery to the right.

However many schools do have existing MFD's that include a document scanner, whilst we believe using these devices is less efficient they may be incorporated into the Scan2PASS system if that is the preferred option of a school.



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