Scan2PASS is a browser based electronic document and records management system that has been designed for independent schools to integrate with their existing passFINANCE systems. Information managed by the system is secure and may be accessed from any computer, without the need for any client side software installation, provided that access rights have been given to the user. It can handle any volume of data and with any number of users it is a completely scaleable system that will not only provide a secure electronic archive and disaster recovery but will lead to greater efficiency in your school.

Automated invoice authorisation for

Supplier invoices are coded with the unique passFINANCE identifier. The invoices are then scanned into Scan2PASS. The passFINANCE identifier links the scanned invoice with data from the passFINANCE system as it is indexed. The invoice is then routed, via the internal email system, to the authoriser(s) who are able to accept, query or reject the invoice from their desktop browser. Scan2PASS can then update passFINANCE, again saving time for the busy finance department team. An audit trail is maintained to keep track of the status and show the history of each invoice. Reminders can be sent if required for any overdue authorisations. After payment a PDF of the scanned invoice can be viewed by clicking on one of a number of buttons within the supplier or nominal transaction record screens in passFINANCE.

Click on the video below to see how the system works